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HJALTI HJALMARSSON : A Glimpse into the World of an Animator at Blender


We were delighted to welcome Hjalti Hjalmarsson as a guest on the latest episode of The VFX Process. Hjalti is Icelandic Animator and Filmmaker known for his work in the field of computer graphics and animation and is currently working at the Blender Animation Studio. Hjalti takes us on a captivating journey through his illustrious career and shares a treasure trove of insights, wild anecdotes, and career highlights from the animation industry.

From his early days as a student at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts to becoming a pivotal figure in the Blender Animation Studio, Hjalti's trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. As he recounts his journey, it's evident that his passion for animation was ignited by a curiosity to merge technology with artistic expression.

Hjalti has worked on some incredible projects at Blender, including "Sprite Fright", "Charge", "Spring", "Agent 327: Operation Barbershop" and "Caminandes 2: Gran Dillama" to name a few.

While discussing his experiences, Hjalti emphasizes the importance of nurturing creativity in a collaborative environment. His insights into directing and collaborating with fellow artists shed light on the delicate balance between technical precision and boundless imagination. Hjalti's philosophy reminds us that animation is not just about moving pixels, but about evoking emotions and crafting narratives that resonate.

From his early days of experimentation to his current role, Hjalti's wisdom is a goldmine for aspiring animators. He generously shares advice about software and tools, as well as focusing on the mindset and approach that lead to success. Hjalti also offers us his best tips for balancing work and life and how he likes to separate the two.

Through his words, it becomes clear that animation is more than a career for Hjalti—it's a lifelong passion that he continues to explore with unbridled enthusiasm. His appearance on The VFX Process not only provides a glimpse into the magic of animation but also inspires us to embrace our passions and push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of visual storytelling.

(Watch The VFX Process here)


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