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In June 2021 Innovate UK opened applications for business funding. The competition was open to creative industries with an ambitious, innovative idea, that if developed would positively impact the growth plan of the business. We decided to apply as we had an idea on the backburner that we had been hoping to do something with.

Earlier in the year, the team at Bigtooth Studios had spent a few weeks developing a tool which allows users to drive digital avatars in real time. This was made possible by using readily available facial capture software, combined with our unique tool and set up. Unlike social apps and photo filters you have probably seen behaving similarly, our system is able to be applied to any avatar, any rig anywhere, with set up being as simple as the click of a button. Allowing B and C grade animation content to be created in a fraction of the time and cost.

Well...we are so excited to announce, that in August we received confirmation that our idea had the accessors approval and that our funding application had been successful!

The project is scheduled to start early October, with a 5-6 month completion time. We are really excited about the capabilities of developing our working prototype as we plan to advance, streamline and test for market, before releasing the content we have created to showcase our new system. Stay Tuned!


We welcomed Ruben and Shankar to our Postvis team! Two AMAZING new team members, 1 new client, 3 additional machines, 2 more desks and 4 super-exciting projects through the Bigtooth Studios doors! ( Postvis // Previs // Techvis // Layout). And...September is set to be a record breaker!



Whether you are just starting out and want to learn more, looking for feedback on your work, an industry professional with valuable tips and tricks to share, or you just want a place to chat about software, industry news and what people are getting up to...come and get involved! Bigtooth Studios have a new Discord channel...a community for those with an interest in 3D, Animation, Film, Game & TV.

Follow the link for your invite to join and get involved in the community...See you there!

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