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This week on The VFX Process, we are delighted to be joined by Sava Zivkovic. Sava is an acclaimed director at Axis Studios, renowned for his extraordinary talent and innovation in the animation industry. Before delving into the world of computer graphics through architectural visualization, Sava Zivkovic pursued a course in interior design at Belgrade University of Arts. However, his relentless passion for storytelling and CG quickly led him down a different path – that of creative direction. In 2017, he found his creative home at Axis Studios, where he has since been deeply engrossed in several AAA game trailers, notably contributing to acclaimed projects like Gears of War 5 and Outriders. As a guest on The VFX Process, Sava shares his invaluable insights into his creative workflow, drawing from years of experience in the field.

"IFCC" was initially a collaborative project with friends, created purely for enjoyment and without any expectations. Little did he know that it would be this short film that catapulted him into the director's chair, marking his first call from Axis Studios.

During this episode we delve deeper into Sava’s short film ‘Irradiation’, a short film project that began as an idea for a trailer. The flexibility and real-time capabilities of Unreal Engine allowed Sava to combine animation with live-action elements. It was these limitless possibilities which led to him envisioning a complete and compelling short film. According to Sava, Unreal Engine's impact on the animation industry is revolutionary, completely transforming workflows and opening up new horizons for creative exploration.

We uncover the secrets behind achieving the elusive "Sava look." Join us as we learn more about the intricacies of Motion Capture, cutting-edge workflows, and discover software recommendations that breathe life into Sava’s visionary projects. Teamwork plays a pivotal role in bringing Sava's creative visions to life. We also get a glimpse into Sava's unique approach to maintaining balance and personal growth by stepping away from the world of CG and the importance of detaching himself from work. Get ready to be inspired by the magic of his creations.

In an ever-evolving industry, Sava's commitment to innovation and his artistic vision continue to leave a profound impact on the world of animation. His presence on the VFX Process Podcast offers an exciting opportunity to dive deep into the mind of a visionary director, unveiling the magic and artistry behind some of his captivating animated works.

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