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Recently gracing The VFX Process, Marcos Sanchez delights us with his infectious passion and profound expertise. Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Chile, Marcos is a visionary Visual Artist, Animator, and Filmmaker with an impressive background in Fine Arts from Universidad Católica, Santiago, and a dynamic MFA in Film from NYU's prestigious program in New York. He has honed his craft to perfection, infusing life into every frame he touches.

Marcos has exhibited his works across Chile, Argentina, and the United States, and his short films and animated music videos have been selected in film festivals worldwide. Notably, his music video masterpiece "Grey to Green" for the talented South Korean singer Lydia Lee earned him a Bronze Cube at the ADC Awards 2021 in NYC and a prestigious Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2021.

In this episode, we dive deeper into the process behind Marcos' captivating short film 'Something in the Garden.' We explore the sparks of his passion and the wellspring of inspiration for creating such mesmerizing projects. With jump scares and dreamy music, 'Something in the Garden' weaves an ominous atmosphere that leaves viewers mysteriously attracted.

We also touch on the software tools he uses, such as Toon Boom, TV Paint, and OpenToonz. As the episode concludes, Marcos shares valuable tips and advice for pushing oneself to create things in their own unique way.

Join us as Marcos Sanchez grants an exclusive peek into the artistry and methods that fuel his mesmerizing creations, taking us on an extraordinary journey through the world of visual arts and filmmaking.

(Watch The VFX Process here)


You can watch The Process over on our YouTube channel or for and extended conversation listen to the audio podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.



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