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We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Sara Gunnarsdóttir, director of the animated short film 'My Year Of Dicks'. Sara was in the midst of a whirlwind schedule, flying back and forth between her home in Iceland and Los Angeles for the prestigious Academy Awards ceremony.

Sara attended the Oscars alongside her collaborator, Pamela Ribon, who is known for her work as a writer on hit animated films such as 'Moana' and 'Ralph Breaks The Internet'. Their short film, 'My Year Of Dicks', tells the funny and touching coming-of-age story of a young woman navigating her way through a year of dating various men.

Having such a stand out name, the mention and reference to the title has been a source of entertainment at this years Oscars. From Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams trying to hold it together after reading it out during the nominees announcement, to Pedro Pascal saying "In just 24 minutes, one nominee even managed to fit in an entire years worth of... Well, you'll find out when you watch this" while presenting the category's award.

One of the most distinctive things about 'My Year Of Dicks' is its animation style, which was created using the technique of rotoscoping. Rotoscoping involves tracing over live-action footage frame by frame to create an animated version of the scene. This meant that Sara and Pamela had to film themselves and their partners, as well as other actors, in order to get the footage they needed for each scene before beginning the laborious process of drawing the characters into the animation.

Unfortunately they did not win the Oscar for Best Animated Short. However, Sara and Pamela were proud to be part of a strong field of nominees, with every film on the list being uniquely brilliant.

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