The Bigtooth Christmas Picks!

Today we asked all of the good boys and girls at Bigtooth Studios to tell us what their favourite festive flick is! Who do you think has the best taste? How about your fave Christmas film? Let us know in the comments below!

Jamie – Has to be Jingle All the Way for me! There’s nothing like an Arnie classic, let alone a Christmas film – put them together and you have a really solid combo! Everyone knows the pain of trying to grab that last-minute present for a loved one, which is what makes this film all the funnier for me. Also, who wouldn’t want a Turbo-Man?

Adame – Die Hard, simple. The cast is iconic with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman; It’s a no compromise, relentless, quality action flick. Though it seems a bit of a cliché, they really do not make films like this anymore. Yippee Ki Yay.

Glorija - I'm not really into Christmas movies, whether that makes me a scrooge or not, I’m not sure! However, I love Nightmare before Christmas! I love Tim Burton's movies and this one has great songs in it.

Emile – Though I fully love and respect the first film, there’s something about Home Alone 2 that really does it for me. You already have the iconic villain duo of Harry and Marv, but with Tim Curry’s iconic evil concierge thrown in. He adds just a bit of extra icing onto the top of that chaotic cake.

Pav – I’m going to have to sayJingle All The Way, too! It’s great light-hearted fun, which is just what I fancy at Christmas time. Also, its great to watch with a group of friends, and there’s no better way to spend Christmas than vegging out to a good film with the squad.

Rebecca – Has to be The Grinch for me. Couldn’t think of anyone better than Jim Carrey to be as hilarious as he is in the main role. Really funny, heart-warming and a little bit nostalgic for me! Love it!

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